Why the network Radio project?

Gruupup aims to provide to the communities around the world a platform which enables everyone, no matter where, who and how to help keep each other safe

- Imagine a world, where we can call on others close by to help or lookout for us, no matter where we are! -

Our network radio feature is a value-add that enables Push-to-talk communications within the Gruupup app, this enables Gruupup to table and extend the free-to-use app to other services , such as professional providers. This is done by using software to emulate traditional walkie-talkies that work over UHF / VHF frequencies into using Internet Protocol communication on Android based network Radios.

The Gruupup PTT app works in conjunction with your smartphone, create groups / channels and invite your group members , and radio devices.

1. The Gruupup PTT app together with the smartphone Gruupup app, allows you to push the updates from your mobile phone or tablet, removing the need to having connect the Inrico T199 to a PC and remote into it each time.

2. Pressing the Top side small round button will replay the previous incoming message and indicate which channel number it was redirected on (in case you didn’t hear it properly or could have been distracted)

3. The bottom side small round button 3 or more consecutive presses will activate a call for help on the channel that the radio is on.

4. Any event that is created within 2Km of the radio, will be read out on your radio with the distance to where it is.

5. When the radio is turn on, its’ live location is displayed on your map as well has 1 month history tracking.

6. Uses true PTT , receive on all channels (priority on the selected channel), transmit on selected channel

7. Group/Channel Admins can interrupt on receiving transmissions.

8. All sent and received messages are archived and accessible via your smartphone inside of the Gruupup app, under the walkie-talkie/channels sections.

Click on the link below to download the latest APK file for the Inrico T199 network radio
Download APK file for the Inrico T199


We would love to get your feedback, comments or suggestions on feedback@gruupup.com or on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/gruupup.
Thank you,

The GruupUp Team.