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In todays day in age, we are constantly faced with what how, who, where, if, something should happen to me. Who will help?
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Emergency Help or Alert

emergency help
With GruupUp you will be able to easily and anonymously alert and or communicate with others close by to you.
Emergency Help or Alert


Emergency contacts that works

The GruupUp mobile application, enables all users to know how many other users are online within a determined radius of my location. This gives us a sense of comfort knowing that there are others physically close by that can help in case of an emergency.

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How it Works
Step 1
1. With GruupUP you will be able to easily send emergency SOS´s or alerts to other people that are online and within a close geographical range to you.
Step 2
2. Online users will be able to see where the alert came from, communicate anonymously with one another and try to together help you.
Step 3
3. Other users that are online and close by will be able to anonymously chat to each other within the GruupUp mobile application.