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The Gruupup Company was founded in 2017, with the vision to help our community come together and help each other.

GruupUp is a mobile application developed for smartphones. The mobile application together with mobile phone GPS location and Mobile Operator location based services allows you to anonymously alert, message, announce or call for help to other online users within close geographically proximity.

Help other search

We care about privacy and security

The Gruupup mobile application allows you to download, install, register and login on your smartphone. Once installed, users can notify, set off alerts, or signal for help. The application is built around privacy and security, therefore other users will not know who you are, or your exact location, all others users will see is how may users are within x miles of you.

In the event of triggering alert or signaling for help, all the online users within your selected geographical radius and within their selected geographical location will be notified of your Alert, together with the location where your call was done.

Help other search

Emergency help

The signal for emergency help, can be done whilst your phone is in screen locked mode (This support may vary depending on the different handset manufactures). This method is typically for emergencies where you may not have the luxury of time to unlock your mobile phone, open the application and send off an alert.

Within the GruupUP application are also alternative ways to announce or alert other online users. Using this method the user will have more options and the ability to include more details, such as text descritption and or photos.

The application features the ability for online users to anonymously talk to other online users within the corresponding geographical location of each event, thus allowing users collaborate in helping or planning a way of helping. All events and chats are removed after a time limitation.

GruupUp and help Each Other.